Thursday, 5 May 2016

Meet Matt Stutzman - Best Armless Archer in the World

Meet Matt Stutzman - Best Armless Archer in the World

This man is the 11th-best archer in the world — and he has no arms. ‪#‎MicBrights‬

Paralympic 'Armless Archer' Matt Stutzman hits long-distance target to score world record

Top Paralympic archer Matt Stutzman (b. 1982, USA) has shot into the record books following a successful attempt yesterday for the Furthest accurate distance – men’s archery title.

Under FITA conditions, the American athlete skilfully hit a target from 283.47 m (930.04 ft) at TPC Craig Ranch, a private golf club in McKinney, Texas, USA.

Born without arms, the 'Armless Archer' learned to expertly use a bow and arrow using his feet and shoulders and has now broken a record that was previously held by an able-bodied person.

Stutzman – who was a member of the US Paralympic Archery Team in 2012 and went on to win a silver medal – significantly bettered the distance of 200 m (656 ft 2 in) that was achieved by Peter Terry (Australia) back in 2005.

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